Welcome to Tribal Transport VTC

We are not just a VTC, we are a Tribe!

Virtual Trucking Company for Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator

Why Join Tribal?

Our Values:

Here at Tribal Transport, We treat everyone the same regardless what rank you are from CEO to the Driver, everyone is equal and treated with respect here are a few examples:

  • Have empathy for every person’s life situation.

We always have empathy for your situation, we offer help and support to everyone as we know the importance of mental health and we want to ensure we look after our members in and out of gaming.

  • Listen to and encourage each other’s opinions and input.

Have an idea? We will always listen and encourage you to get the idea out there! I know sometimes you maybe shy to vocalise ideas or opinions but we ensure even in private that you are heard.

  • Value other people’s contributions.

We ensure we thank our members for everything they do for us. This makes them feel valued and part of the team. Joined an event – We make sure that we appreciate the time you spend with us.

 We hold convoys on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator – Every Week!

  • Our ETS2 Convoy is on a Tuesday Night
  • Our ATS Convoy is on a Thursday Night

We also attend charity events that are hosted by other VTCs and Communities as well!

We don’t expect to see you at every convoy as we know there is life outside the game as well so there are no requirements for how many to attend but if you are able to come along for the drive then fantastic as we love to see you there!

Weekly Convoys

Weekly ETS2 Convoy

🗓️ 23/11/21
🕚 19:45
⏰ 20:00
🖥️ Sim 2
🚚 Saint Alban du Rhone
🅿️ Nucleon
💵 Viva La France
<:chequeredflag:244632155571879936> Golfech – Nucleon
🗺️ **Route Map**:

<@&821163710109581374> please react if you can attend:

ATS Weekly Convoy

🗓️ **DATE**:18-11-21
🕚 **TIME**: 19:45
⏰ **DEPARTURE TIME**: 20:00
🖥️ **SERVER**: depends on attendance below
🚚 **MEET UP CITY**: Yuma
🅿️ **MEET UP COMPANY**: F7 (nearest garage
💵 **DLCS**: Arizona

🗺️ **Route Map**:

<@&821163710109581374> please react if you can attend:

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