We have a few requirements but no minimum miles:

  • Legal Copy of ETS 2/ATS
    Aged 15 yrs or over
  • Active within the community
Visit our Discord Server below and visit the recruitment channel:

No DLC Required, Only some of our convoys do have DLC areas/Promods but we still regularly go on the base game map so you can join in!

We use VTLog to log our loads automatically, we will help you set this up when you join. Single Player and Multiplayer is both supported.

Yes we do hold weekly convoys and they are every Tuesday evenings at 7:45pm UK Time.

Everyone is welcome to join even if you are not a Tribal Driver/Member.

We also attend many charity events which help support the event and always happy to attend if we are able to, if you are an organiser see the below question on how to invite us.

This is subject to change as we are new and as we grow we will add convoys where necessary.

Yes you can just visit our Discord Below and ask one of our CEOs or Managers:

Yes we are an active VTC,  we started in March 2021 and have been a fast growing community. We love driving with others hence why not come along either to drive with us or on one of our convoys or if you are a tribal driver then one of the charity events we are attending.

Well. I could go through the usual answers, we are friendly, fun!, relaxed etc…

But yes we are all of those things but what really makes us stand out? 

We treat our members with respect, this is at our forefront, every staff member, CEO, Driver, Member is treated exactly in the same friendly way. No-one is different! and our rules are also the same for everyone regardless what role they have.